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Professor Julie Kovacs
Inorganic Synthesis and Reaction Mechanisms

 The Kovacs Research group at the University of Washington synthesizes bioinspired transition-metal complexes in order to learn from the design principles perfected by Nature over billions of years. Our toolbox includes a variety of spectroscopic techniques, including EPR, Mössbauer, low T electronic absorption spectroscopy, and rR, as well as stopped-flow kinetics, electrochemistry, X-ray crystallography, inorganic and organic synthesis, and theoretical (DFT and TD-DFT) calculations. Specifically, we have a long-standing interest in determining how cysteinates influence the function of non-heme iron enzymes. Cysteinate-ligated non-heme iron enzymes facilitate tumor suppression, the biosynthesis of antibiotics, and the degradation of reactive oxygen species. The mechanisms by which these reactions are carried out are not well-understood.


Introducing our new Glovebox, Namaste

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Molecule Gallery

ORTEP Fe(III)(Pr,Pr).jpg
ORTEP (trenS)Fe(IV)=O.jpg
Fe(II)cyclamPrS ORTEP lrg.jpg
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